Saturday, October 29, 2005

and MORE pics!

My friend Danie dropped by and Mom, Danie and I took Sadie for her first stroll... Her jaundice has improved and the pediatrician said we'd be fine out in the sun for a bit... I so needed to connect with the outside world again... A deer jumped out in front of us at one point... Obi didn't even notice... Danie took these shots today...

< Mom with Sadie in the stroller...

Mom, Sadie, me and my post pregnancy poundage... Hopefully, only three out of the four of us will be around in a few months...

Me feeding Sadie... Trust me, you don't want me to post pictures of the other way I feed Miss Squirmies...

Squirmies in her car seat... Note the tiny scratches on her face... We finally filed her nails down yesterday because she kept scratching herself...


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