Monday, January 02, 2006


Here's a link to a video of Sadie playing with her Fisher Price thingy. It's a You Send It link. Follow the directions to see the video...

Click here, then right click and save on the link...

A few new pics...

Mommy is wearing no makeup. In fact, Mommy is lucky these days if she changes out of her pajamas. But Sadie looks beautiful!

Sadie looks fetching in her new stripey outfit!

Sleepy and oh-so-innocent looking after an afternoon of fussin'. When she gets colicky, we call her "Fusstina Waaah-guilera".


Anonymous Susan Stanley McCaffrey said...

Sadie is beautiful! Looks like you and Redmond are enjoying her alot! I'm sure your Dad and Mom are really proud Grandparents! My best to you all! Your cousin, Susan

6:20 PM  

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