Monday, October 08, 2007

The mountains are cursed....

Redmond and I had our first trip alone together in two years this weekend!

Mom and Dad watched Sadie while we headed up to the same cabin in the mountains of Virginia that we visited earlier this summer. And sadly, we're still cursed, in terms of mountain adventures. This time, Redmond and I both became sick our first night at the cabin, and I'm still under the weather, though I am too busy this week to call in sick at work. I'm just sitting here piling up tissues. Ugh. Sadie is also under the weather... again. Anyway, as sick as we were, we managed a beautiful hike on the Rhododendron trail/Wilburn Ridge trail in Grayson Highlands/Mt Rogers Nat'l Recreation Area. I'm putting up a few videos first, and then will put up a few pictures.

Here, Sadie is playing around in Redmond's truck with the dashboard Buddha (She thinks it's a baby) and playing with the truck horn. Beep beep!

More beep beep!

Sadie sees elephants at the zoo...

I have one more film taken as Redmond navigates "Fat Man's Squeeze" on the AT, (no jokes, now!), but Youtube is taking forever, so I'll post it separately, along with the pictures from this weekend....


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