Monday, June 18, 2007

Please indulge my picture frenzy...

So, I am posting a ton of pictures today. I realized that we hadn't really posted many new pictures of Miss Sadie in ages, so I went a little nuts this weekend. My one complaint is that my camera doesn't seem to do well indoors. I have fiddled with the settings, but all the indoor pictures make people appear to have melon-colored skin. And the flash makes everyone look unwashed and shiny. One day, I'll either buy a new digital camera, or see if some expert can give me some tips. The other problem is that I have to hold the button down for about five seconds before the the picture is taken. Five seconds is about 30 changes of expression for a toddler. A beatific smile usually changes to the back of a toddler's head in five seconds.

Eh, enough complaining. We had a lovely week. We took Sadie to a community pool in Hillsborough a couple of times this week, and though we can't fit swimming lessons in our schedule this week, the woman who teaches Waterbabies saw us attempting to teach Sadie to swim and very kindly offered to give us a free lesson or two. She helped us get started, and we are planning to take her swimming a couple of times a week this summer. We also enrolled Sadie in a toddler gymnastic class at The Little Gym in Durham. There is an entire blog entry to be written on scrambling to find summer activities for children at the last minute, I tell you. Those organized mommies and daddies reserved their swimming and gymnastic classes well in advanced. I'll learn next year.

This weekend, Dad came to visit, and we had a great time. Sadie is slowly beginning to warm up to him. Unfortunately, at Sadie's age, she tends to favor people she sees on a daily basis. Because Dad lives about 200 miles away, he's not here all the time, and each time he visits, she has to become reacquainted. However, she seems to be retaining some memory of her Grandfather, because each time, she seems to interact a little more. She brought him several books to read to her this time and played frisbee with him. I believe that over time, she'll continue to warm up even more, and soon, she'll be old enough to know exactly who he is.

Here is Dad, hanging out on the sofa with Obi. Obi certainly knows who Dad is...

Sadie was doing pretty well here, considering that she was late for her afternoon nap. She tends to turn into Godzilla if she hasn't gone down by about 1:30 pm or so.

And she's even smiling!

Sadie is running about the yard. I'm having to keep a close eye on her when she's in the yard, because I spotted what appears to be a baby copperhead snake living in a hole in the concrete next to our outbuilding. The snake was small, had a reddish pattern, and appeared to have a diamond shaped head. Eep!

Who, me?
Daddy had his birthday cake a week late this year. We had so many sweets for leftovers from the big party last Friday night, that we decided to hold off on the birthday cake until we could rid ourselves of the cheesecakes and tarts lying around. We finally tossed them out, as neither one of us need the excess sugar. Sadie helps Daddy blow out the candles.
It's funny- we had a similar picture last year. I'll post it under this one. Can you believe how much she's grown in one year?

Sadie has taken to putting on my shoes and attempting to walk around in them. She's also taken to trying to put on her own shoes, while saying the word "SHOES". I think she's going to be a shoe hussy. Here, she stomps around the house with one of Mommy's Crocs on.

And then decides to ride Obi... He's such a good, patient dog...
Sadie is obsessed with climbing. If I can't see her, my first impulse is to look up. She scares me half to death with her monkey antics. Here she is on our built in shelves in the living room. Ignore the fact that there are a pair of my shoes on the shelves, and that the shelves are a mess.
After this, she climbs in the plastic bins where we store our toys. Remember now, that all of this mischief- the shoe wearing, the dog riding, the shelf climbing and the bin sitting all occurred before Mommy and Daddy had their morning coffee. Whew!

Here is an updated picture of our poor Bridger. He has pretty well recovered from the dog attack, though he still has a slight limp. He's gaining weight back, finally. We are letting him out again on a very limited basis, because he's just miserable trapped in the house all the time, but he still has this one wound that he will not leave alone. The other one finally healed, but he has a place on the back of his head that he continues to work at all the time. He will wear this E-collar until the wound finally heals up.

We bought Sadie a sand and water table at Toys R' Us last Sunday, and she really enjoys it. We knew she would, as she had been playing with her beloved dog food and water table (ugh!) for the past year already. We have to keep this covered at night, lest the neighborhood cats think we've very kindly left them both a giant water dish and a litter pan.


Blogger Eliz and Steve said...

She is sooo adorable. You probably hear that all. the. time.!

Let me know how you like the Little Gym. Olivia and I are going to a preview class a week from Friday. A friend recommended it. We tried Gymboree last week and I am not doing it, not gonna do it!

I love the picture of Redmond and Sadie this year and the one from last year. That is cool to see!

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