Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not much going on last week... We've just been preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. I think I've done all my shopping, but the house is still a wreck. Dad is coming down to join us for dinner.

I don't have much to offer for media. We did have Missy and Lila over for dinner last night, and I have a few pictures, and a cute video of Sadie marching around in one of Daddy's shirts... Lila is the first of our friends' children that she calls by name. I think she might have said "Griffin" and "Twyla", but I'm not completely sure. Sadie hugged and kissed Lila, and brought her lots of toys to play with, but darned if I could get any pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it. She used to be very protective of her belongings, but she's beginning to loosen up and learn how to share. Just don't ride on her Fisher Price Schoolbus!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Here's the short film of Sadie in Daddy's shirt. At one point, she looks at the camera and says, "It's YOU." Unfortunately, I always used to point at pictures of Sadie and say "It's YOU!". So, she took me literally, and now when she sees pictures of herself, or even sees me holding a camera and pointing at her, she says, "It's YOU!", as if her name is You. She did amend her statement with, "It's SHADY" (Sadie), so at least she's beginning to learn her name, which appears to be YOU Shady.

And a still picture of Sadie in Daddy's shirt....

A few pictures of Lila. She's thirteen and a half months old now, and such a cutie.

Sadie seems to take to Missy. She hugged her a few times and even kissed her. She recognizes a fellow blonde, methinks...

What a cutie!


Blogger Poppy said...

I love it that Sadie calls herself Shady :)

Lila certainly is adorable.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

3:57 PM  

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