Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few non-exciting pictures...

So, we're back in business with the camera. My new charger arrived, along with an extra battery for good measure. Unfortunately, we've not had much time to take pictures, or for that matter, to do anything particularly photo-worthy. We've been busy and Sadie and I are recovering from some nasty cold ickiness.

This weekend, Mom had a fall in Norfolk, visiting a friend, and had to spend four hours in the ER. She was having chest pains and could barely breathe. Fortunately, it sounds like she didn't have any permanent damage. She has some contusions on her chest wall, split the inside of her lip, and is sore all over, but she's okay.

We're gearing up for Christmas. We'll spend Christmas day at home, and then will head to Tidewater for about 4 days, where we'll stay in a cabin at First Landing State Park. I'm looking forward to the trip, as Redmond and I spent a good deal of time there hiking when we were "courting". Back then, though, the place was called Seashore State Park. We will probably take loads of pictures while we are away- both of the park, and of Dad, Robert and Marsha and the twins. Oh, and of Sadie. If I'm feeling wild and adventurous, I might even allow someone to take MY picture. Whee!!!

I had what seems like my first real conversation with Sadie that involved some back and forth negotiation. Sunday, we were traipsing around outside and she walked around to the front door, which we never use. It was locked. She proclaimed "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!!!" I said "The door won't open, Sadie. It's locked". She then asked "Have key?" I answered, "No, honey, the keys are inside. Why don't we go around to the side door and go in that way." She then said "NO! Have key!" I said "Sadie, if I go inside and go around and open the door from the inside, do you promise to wait here?" She emphatically answered "YES". So, I scooted in quickly, opened the front door, and there she was waiting. "Dank Doo", she answered, gratefully.

Here are a few pictures we did take this weekend.

Sadie is dancing the maypole. That's the ticket. No, she's not gearing up for a career pole-dancing. Sometimes, you see kids with talents that you know could go either way. If they are good at weighing and measuring items on scales, they could either be a very precise scientist... or a drug dealer. And if you see them dancing around a stick... you just say they are dancing the maypole...

For the most part, Sadie has improved her table manners. Ok, to some extent she has... But when a piece of chocolate cake is offered, all bets are off. I am not going to mention that this was Mommy's birthday cake, because then I might have to mention that this was a milestone birthday for Mommy, and Mommy still can't deal with that.

Another "Cheese!" moment in the hallway. I believe this jumper once belonged to our little friend Lucie- the star of the Boo Blog linked on the right.

Sadie peruses the pictures in her Backyardigans DVD. I'm pretty much one who zones out for children's programming, but the Backyardigans are actually pretty clever- each episode features a different musical genre, and involves a bunch of suburban anthropomorphized animals who use their imagination to go on "adventures" in their own backyards. So, the scenery changes in each episode as they create their adventure, and suddenly, they are in the Sahara, or private detectives, or in the Artic, and their adventures are peppered with the music of their particular genre. And that's probably the most I've ever talked about children's programming... like.. ever.


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